Dear my friends and those who secretly fond of me 

2020年1月10日を持ちましてMusical Company OZmateを退団いたしましたのでご報告いたします。

I hereby to inform you all that I left Musical company OZmate on Jan 10, 2020 to concentrate on my own theatrical project .(English below)



私の活動予定について2020年は蓄える一年としております。よりセンスを研ぎ澄ますトレーニングに励むことそして計画しておりました新しい作品作りに着手する予定です。また私は拠点を定めておりません。年内はロシア、イスラエル、タイでプロジェクト関係の活動をする計画ですが自分がいる場所に行動を縛られず、面白いことに吸い寄せられる習性がありますのでご入用の際は現在地に関わらず、まずはお声がけください 。

そして単体となりましたが、世の中にできることは何か模索しながら私の静かなる感動を追求していきます。あんじぇらとまと(angella tomato) およびとまとぷろじぇくと(tomato project)

My first step as an actor started from OZmate back in 2007 which I didn’t understand anything about acting or theater or beauty of it . Left theater life soon after the premier and start working as administrator for almost 10 years in 4 countries.Meanwhile I was in India , inspired by those unexpected happening in daily life and started creative writing Indo de Gohan ( Having meals in India ) to introduce my extraordinary experience .Never thought of doing “this “ again, I even hated “ this “. And here we go again. It’s something I really want to put my love and energy for. I am not who I am today without OZmate .

This year, I will be concentrating on saving in many meaning . Learning well and save knowledge .Train my body well for saving energy.Work well for Saving for next project.

Also I’d like to add answer for frequent asked question: My current location is Japan though this year, planed to be in  Russia , Israel and Thailand for new project related activities . Even I am far from you , just pm me . I might be there next .
I love you all ,Thank you for your support  and see you all in my next tomato project!

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angella tomato
あんじぇら とまと

angella tomato